Demi Moore Smoked “Something”

Demi Moore was reportedly hospitalized this week after friends placed a frantic 911 reporting that she had “smoked something.” Moore allegedly went into convulsions after “acting really hyper” all night, and her publicist later stated that Moore “looks forward to getting healthy.”

I think we can all agree that Demi Moore has been under an unusual amount of stress in past months.  Dealing with an extramarital affair is probably one of the worst forms of rejection that exists, and I have no doubt that the “something” she smoked was an effort to cope with that.  There are better, healthier ways to cope with stress, but the truth is this:  at some point in our lives, we have all chosen to smoke, drink, swallow, say, or do “something” that inevitably made us feel a little bit better.   Continue reading “Demi Moore Smoked “Something”” »