Children, Anxiety, and Weight

Childhood obesity rates are so high these days that even Michelle Obama has jumped on board the mission to help kids stay fit. Current statistics estimate these rates to be around 20%, and the results of a new Childhood Obesity Task Force report revealed the following:

  • One in three children, ages 2-19 have been reported as being overweight
  • Childhood obesity causes 112,000 deaths every year
  • Childhood obesity costs approximately 3 billion dollars/year in direct medical costs

The maverick mom would like to reveal the following points related to childhood obesity: Continue reading “Children, Anxiety, and Weight” »

Is Sugar More Addictive Than Cocaine?

MM ButtonDo you love sweets like cookies, cake, and ice cream?  Maybe you’re a pie person instead.  Join the crowd!  There are times every month that I could eat “Sugar in the Raw” straight from the packet in public.  I also crave sweets after Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, and always after vacations when we have dessert each day.  It’s an easy habit to start, but it’s hard one to kick when vacations or holiday seasons end…..and it’s no wonder.  Sugar is addictive, and in fact, some research suggests that sugar can be just as addictive as cocaine! Continue reading “Is Sugar More Addictive Than Cocaine?” »

Soy Is Spelled B-A-D

Do you believe that soy is a health food?  Do you often buy products like soy milk, soy based “meatless” products, or protein bars packed with soy?  Guilty as charged over here.  I was mortified to learn that soy is not a health food, particularly since my refrigerator was packed with many soy based items at the time.  My daughter is sensitive to dairy, and I had considered soy milk a better alternative.  Needless to say, I’ve gutted my pantry and refrigerator and replaced the soy. Continue reading “Soy Is Spelled B-A-D” »

How To Be Smart, Thin, Joyful, Focused, Energetic, and Motivated

If I could give you a magic pill that would make you smart, thin, happier, focused, motivated, energetic, and optimistic, would you accept my gift?  If it were free, would you say yes quickly?  If it worked day by day, would you turn me down?  That magic pill does exist, and it’s free without side effects. Continue reading “How To Be Smart, Thin, Joyful, Focused, Energetic, and Motivated” »

Dieting, Omega 3s, and Your Brain

If you’re female, you’ve probably been on a diet at some point in your life.  Sadly, they never seem to work.  If they did, we would all have been on one diet in our lives.  Many women have no idea how dieting affects the brain or how important fat is to the brain.  Let’s put it this way:  your brain is comprised of 80% fat.  When you lose too much fat from dieting, you also lose part of your brain.

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