Birth Control and Sex Drive

So how many of you out there are using birth control pills?  The NuvaRing?  Injections or patches?  Hormonal birth control is the norm these days, but few know that it can decrease your sex drive to that of a spayed collie.

During your normal monthly cycle, there are two times during the month that your sex drive will increase.  The first time is at ovulation, at which time your estrogen surges and remains kind of erratic for the remaining two weeks. Continue reading “Birth Control and Sex Drive” »

PMS (Pass My Sweatpants) and Exercise

Do you suffer from PMS (Pass My Sweatpants) each month?  Does the phrase, “mild PMS” sound like an oxymoron to you?  Join the PMS Club, a group of us who feel like bloated nanny goats for about half the month.  We weather a storm of irritability, puffiness, bloating, sore boobs, and the occasional face plant into the cake.  Read on, my friend.  I’d like to induct you into the PMS Recovery club this evening. Continue reading “PMS (Pass My Sweatpants) and Exercise” »