The Two Best Learning Tricks for Kids

Do you remember your high school science classes?  If so, you probably remember being taught that our brain cells die as we age. I distinctly remember my Biology teacher turning to us in amazement and stating, “And do you know when they begin to die? Around the age of 20!  From there, your brain cells die.”  How encouraging.

We now know that this is false.  You can form new brain cells at any age with physical exercise and music, particularly in the hippocampus (memory) and the prefrontal cortex (the CEO of your brain).  This shows us that we can reverse the brain changes associated with depression and the symptoms associated with ADHD with exercise, too, but let’s focus on your kids for  now.

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Two New Health Tips for You

When I drive my daughter to school in the mornings, I often ask her what her goals are for the day and share my own.  This isn’t a serious conversation, but we have fun with it and she sets her own intentions for the day.  Yesterday, this was her response:

“I want to run with my friends outside….and eat my snack at school.”

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Exercise, Learning, and School

How often do your kids get significant exercise?  We all know that exercise is good for physical health, but did you know that physical exercise also builds the brain?  No matter how old you are, you can always build new brain cells with exercise.  For moms who grew up learning that it was all downhill after 20 because “brain cells start to die around the age of 21,” this is exciting news.  Not only was this false, it was kind of depressing to hear at school! Continue reading “Exercise, Learning, and School” »