Fluke: How to Recover After Miscarriage

I have written this post many times in my head and yet, I couldn’t sit down to type it out.  Perhaps this is because I needed some time to process the experience, or maybe because I tend to avoid sharing personal failures on the internet. Whatever the case, I share this story now because I am certain that some woman, somewhere, some day, will read this and feel less alone.  Or perhaps some mom will feel less alone in the future when this becomes her story, too.

January 7, 2011

Mike and I were surprised (and overjoyed) to learn that I was pregnant!  The baby was due in September, just a month shy of Savanna’s 5th birthday.  I ceased all of the usual things immediately: alcohol, raw fish, any OTC not safe during pregnancy.  Like most couples, we spent hours thinking and talking about names and imagining Savanna as a big sister.  I had a very strong feeling that it was a boy, just as I felt with certainty that Savanna was a girl.  We named him Luke.

My first trimester was complete with nausea, occasional hurling, endless fatigue, and the complimentary muffin top.   Around week 10, I began to feel better.  The nausea lifted, energy returned, and I started to show.  We shared the news with anyone and everyone:  family, friends, school teachers, the president, and anyone else who would listen.

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