Vitamin C Powerfoods for Cold and Flu Season

School has started, and along with it comes “cold and flu season.”  You don’t have to catch the kiddie crap that circulates around school environments, though-you can use certain natural supplements to boost your immune system instead.  Besides, who wants to be on 45 rounds of antibiotics during the winter?  Wouldn’t it be better not to catch viruses in the first place? Continue reading “Vitamin C Powerfoods for Cold and Flu Season” »

Pleasant Conversations

A conversation with Spirit Airline Flight Attendant Five Star General Bossy Pants:

Bossy Pants:  Ma’am, we’re preparing for landing.

Me: OK, thanks.

Continue reading “Pleasant Conversations” »

Stress and Cancer

I have long believed that chronic stress should be considered a pre-disease state, but we are beginning to learn more about how this happens.  One good example is a recent study which looked at stress and cancer. Continue reading “Stress and Cancer” »

Stress Relief for Small Children

Can you imagine how hard it would be to deal with emotional stress as a young child?  We often forget that kids need stress relief, too.  Now there is a new technique which allows small children to help themselves feel better.  The Shift and Shine Technique, a technique created by the brilliant researchers at the Institute of Heart Math, is a cutting edge approach to coping effectively with stress, improving immune system functioning, emotional balance, cognitive awareness, discernment, and energy levels.  Think about it-most adults don’t really know how to do this very well. Continue reading “Stress Relief for Small Children” »