Exercise, Movement, and Learning

Here is one of my most favorite studies of all time.  The Naperville study demonstrates the powerful connection between movement and learning.  I originally wrote this article on the Naperville study on January 2, 2010, and I am republishing this content because it is so important.  Enjoy!

Exercise and the Brain

If you’re involved at your child’s school, you may want to print this one out and take it to your next parent meeting to support the inclusion of effective Physical Education in schools.  School administrators need to read the astounding body of research surrounding the connection between exercise and learning…..and remove the coke machines, but that’s another article. Continue reading “Exercise, Movement, and Learning” »

The Reason Your Child is A Sponge

Kids pick up on everything.  Just this morning, Mike was nonchalantly talking about getting his tennis racquet restrung. Savanna looked up and said, “That’s OK Daddy, it will out work out in time.”  We both sat there trying not to laugh.  I’ve made that statement several times, but it amazes me that she seems to remember that entire sentence.  Unfortunately, they pick up on the stuff we’d rather them just not learn.  When Savanna was 2, she uttered the King of All Curse Words.  As an adjective.  With perfect enunciation and correct intonation.  I think she heard me say this when I was on the phone Mike say this once or something. Continue reading “The Reason Your Child is A Sponge” »