Gluten Free, Wheat Free, or Grain Free? Your Leaky, Sneaky Gut.

“Gluten free” has become such a buzz phrase these days.  Everyone and her sister is “going gluten free,” except many of those people have no idea what they are doing.  Some people claim the whole “wheat free” diet while others cut out grains altogether.  What’s the difference?  Why should we even care?Glutenfree

Let’s tackle the latter question.  We care because all three of these dietary choices can cause health problems via leaky gut.  I remember when I first heard the phrase, “leaky gut” years ago.  I didn’t really get what this meant, and it reminded me of diarrhea.  I don’t want any part of anything leaking from my gut, nor do I want my guts leaking anywhere.  Over the years, I have begun to understand the tremendous impact that leaky gut has on health and am convinced that gluten is just one of many dietary offenders at the heart of our leakiness.

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