Halloween Tricks

This list of “Top 10 Worst Halloween Treats” is hilarious because it’s true.  Do you remember going Halloween Trick or Treating and avoiding those houses known to hand out annoying “treats” like pencils or apples?  Worse yet, some of the old grumsters in the neighborhood would turn off their lights to pretend they weren’t home on Halloween night when WE ALL KNEW THAT THEY WERE THERE watching the Wheel of Fortune or some equally annoying television show.

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Totally Terrific Tweets!

The newest “Totally Terrific Tweets” list is out-and this time it’s a double edition!

This is one of my most favorite lists-check it out, it’s hilarious:  Totally Terrific Tweets!

My Favorite Conversations

This morning at 7AM:

Savanna:  We learned about bats in school yesterday!

Me:  NEAT! What did you learn? Was it cool?

Savanna: Bats fly around and peep, “Good morning good morning good morning!” so they do not run into walls.   Continue reading “My Favorite Conversations” »

I’m Back….

Has it really been 18 days since my last blog post?  18, as in 8 more than 10???

We have some real catching up to do right now.  Here we are, all settled in Boca Raton, FL.  Savanna loves her new school, and I do, too.  I would go to school there myself if they accepted my people my age as students. We’ve already ushered one cold in and out, and Savanna began taking gymnastics at a stellar gymnastics center.  Apparently, they thought she was pretty stellar, too. Continue reading “I’m Back….” »