Your Neurotransmitters and Brain Health | Serotonin and Dopamine

We hear about neurotransmitters and SSRIs on a daily basis, but what are they, exactly?  SSRI is an abbreviation for serotonin selective reuptake inhibitor.  Whatever.  It basically means that the medication you’re taking is going to increase the serotonin levels in your brain.  For some people, this is a good thing because they’re running a little low on that precious neurotransmitter.  This happens for a variety of reasons.  Some people are genetically wired for a little less serotonin to begin with (not fair, but you can work through it), and other people run low due to chronic stress, medications, poor diet, poor sleep quality, and even low vitamin B levels (because Vitamin B is necessary for synthesizing serotonin).
Neurotransmitters are important in our brain because higher amounts of them speed up, slow down, and intensify or decrease the intensity of a message being sent within your brain.  Some of the most important are not only serotonin, but dopamine and GABA, too.MM Button Continue reading “Your Neurotransmitters and Brain Health | Serotonin and Dopamine” »

3 Mothers Day Highlights

After spending the majority of the past 7 weeks pondering all of the reasons that miscarriage sucks, I think I finally have my A game back.  There were 3 highlights to our Mothers Day festivities that I thought I’d share for laughs.

Highlight #1

Savanna’s class hosted a Mothers Day Tea, during which Savanna gave me with “All The Things that Make My Mommy Special” tribute.  In the document, Savanna filled in the blanks to various questions about me, and her answers were both hilarious and somewhat accurate.  She noted that my favorite thing to do is “work out” and that my favorite food is “hamburgers.”  Note that I have never really consumed a hamburger, except for the time that we went to Table 42 for burger night, but this evidently made quite an impact.  I apparently look the best while “wearing a skirt,” and if I could go anywhere, it would be “Disney World.”  Also, she reminds us again that I “works out.”

Here is the little sheet that I will probably keep forever…. Continue reading “3 Mothers Day Highlights” »

Thanksgiving Until Now

My hiatus is over.  We have all been busy, and this is never an excuse-blogging has not been my priority lately because I have had a few big things going on, but it’s time that we get caught up.  Here is a brief overview of November thru today:

  • Dropped the revered family macaroni and cheese dish on Thanksgiving.  Cleaned up said mess and still partook in eating it.
  • Attended adorable pre-school Holiday show.  Listened to daughter sing Hannukah songs throughout holiday season despite the fact that we are not Jewish.
  • Discovered shallac manicures and returned to church to give thanks. Continue reading “Thanksgiving Until Now” »

Houston, Are We Live Now?

So last week, I noticed that this site was loading more slowly.  It got slower and slower.  And sloooooowwwwweeeeerrrr. Continue reading “Houston, Are We Live Now?” »