How to Help Acid Reflux in Kids

I find our pediatrician about as useful as Walter Cronkite.  Whenever my child gets sick, I simply dread visiting the pediatrician because 1) I know that I will sit in the germ infested waiting area for hours and 2) the advice is unhelpful and 3) the pediatrician seems unaware of all of this.  I quit going there altogether this year, and we see our family internist instead.  Continue reading “How to Help Acid Reflux in Kids” »

Calling All Diet Coke Addicts

Do you know anyone who drinks ALOT of Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi?  I’ve had several friends who could drink 5-10 a day, and my mom just loved them so much that she often put the can in the freezer to make them icy cold. We occasionally ended up with brown ice when she forgot about the can, causing it to burst in the ice box.

Most diet soft drinks contain caffeine and aspartame, two ingredients which act synchronistically to create a “buzz-like” effect that some people feel more than others. Continue reading “Calling All Diet Coke Addicts” »

The Real Story on Chocolate and Depression

A new study has linked chocolate with depression once again.  The article merely tells us what our intuition already knew, and the fact that chocolate makes us feel better at some point in our lives isn’t exactly news.  But how does chocolate make us feel better?  Why?  What’s the reason we tend to crave chocolate more during PMS?  The article was so unbelievably incomplete that I felt compelled to provide additional information.

Continue reading “The Real Story on Chocolate and Depression” »