Healthy Living for Moms with Michelle Diaz

Personal trainers are everywhere, but there are few that really inspire me. Very few.  In fact, there are some trainers who appear to need a personal trainer themselves…..but there is one personal trainer that inspires me.

Meet Michelle Diaz, an elite fitness trainer at BB3 Training Center in Weston, FL.  She walks the walk, talks the talk, and helps women and moms like us get it right.  Even more importantly, she inspires other to stay the course (the hardest part, right?). Continue reading “Healthy Living for Moms with Michelle Diaz” »

Did She Just Call Them Potatoes?

So yesterday was one of the first days that we, as parents, are allowed to go into the classroom with our child to see a lesson in the morning.  I was busy doing a reading lesson with Savanna on her mat with her teacher when an adorable little girl walked up and began to tell the teacher something that I could tell was REALLY URGENT.  She started off by saying that her “mommy said daddy, um,” and was quickly shooed away by the teacher.  Here is the conversation that ensued: Continue reading “Did She Just Call Them Potatoes?” »