Get Me Out of Here

This is what our Rocky, our Yorkie does when I put him in his crate.  Seriously.  Who says dogs can’t talk?  SO PISSED.

3 Mothers Day Highlights

After spending the majority of the past 7 weeks pondering all of the reasons that miscarriage sucks, I think I finally have my A game back.  There were 3 highlights to our Mothers Day festivities that I thought I’d share for laughs.

Highlight #1

Savanna’s class hosted a Mothers Day Tea, during which Savanna gave me with “All The Things that Make My Mommy Special” tribute.  In the document, Savanna filled in the blanks to various questions about me, and her answers were both hilarious and somewhat accurate.  She noted that my favorite thing to do is “work out” and that my favorite food is “hamburgers.”  Note that I have never really consumed a hamburger, except for the time that we went to Table 42 for burger night, but this evidently made quite an impact.  I apparently look the best while “wearing a skirt,” and if I could go anywhere, it would be “Disney World.”  Also, she reminds us again that I “works out.”

Here is the little sheet that I will probably keep forever…. Continue reading “3 Mothers Day Highlights” »

For My Mom

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my fellow mothers.  

You may be more like your mother than you realize.  According to Dr. Christiane Northrup in her wonderful book entitled, Mother-Daughter Health, the mitochondria in each one of our 100 trillion cells comes from our mothers.  I have to wonder if this is why women are often so similar to their mothers.

The older I get, the more thankful I am for my mom.  Here are some of the things I’ve learned from her: Continue reading “For My Mom” »