Goodbye, Baby Days

Savanna fell asleep on the couch while watching “Tangled” on the iPad, and all I could think was this:

HOW ON EARTH DID SHE GET SO LONG??  Continue reading “Goodbye, Baby Days” »

Marriage, Cigarettes, and Health

If you think marital strife isn’t a big deal, think again.  While it’s normal to argue with your spouse, the way that you argue could have detrimental effects on your health that are far worse than you may think.

Marital fighting that includes hostility may have the same effect on your health as smoking or having high cholesterol. In other words, you could be a health nut who eats nothing but spinach, berries, and salmon each day and still have the same chance of dying from cancer as a smoker if you fight nasty with your spouse.  How’s that for a wake up call?

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Mom or Martyr?

Are you a mom or a martyr?  Which role do you play in your day to day life?  This is an important question because it illuminates the degree to which you meet your own needs each day.

What are you talking about, Lisa?!

Martyr Moms are those women who enjoy broadcasting the fact that their needs are seldom met.  Martyr moms brag about this as if they should earn a girl scout badge.  Have you ever heard these conversations?   Continue reading “Mom or Martyr?” »

Totally Terrific Tweets!

The newest “Totally Terrific Tweets” list is out-and this time it’s a double edition!

This is one of my most favorite lists-check it out, it’s hilarious:  Totally Terrific Tweets!

My Favorite Conversations

This morning at 7AM:

Savanna:  We learned about bats in school yesterday!

Me:  NEAT! What did you learn? Was it cool?

Savanna: Bats fly around and peep, “Good morning good morning good morning!” so they do not run into walls.   Continue reading “My Favorite Conversations” »

The Science of Conscious Parenting

So I’ve been talking to you about the connection between your thoughts, energy, and health for the past two days.  Thanks to the fields of quantum physics, epigenetics, and energy psychology, we know now that your DNA is not the sole determinant of your health.  It can change in response to environmental information, or energy.  Your thoughts create energy, and energy impacts the receptors on your cell membranes and can even cause changes in your DNA.  More specifically, your perception of your environment and the energy signals received from the environment determine your DNA expression. Continue reading “The Science of Conscious Parenting” »

Natural and Organic Facial Moisturizers

I sometimes have trouble finding great organic skincare.  There are thousands of brands out there, and I’m pretty sure that I must have tried most of them.  I must admit that they often leave my skin feeling tight, which leads me to believe that it’s time to toss it in the trash can.

Here is a very cool site that offers suggestions for natural and organic facial moisturizers, along with reviews for each.  Of course, you can buy these products here, but I’m glad to do that when they offer great information. Continue reading “Natural and Organic Facial Moisturizers” »

I’m Back….

Has it really been 18 days since my last blog post?  18, as in 8 more than 10???

We have some real catching up to do right now.  Here we are, all settled in Boca Raton, FL.  Savanna loves her new school, and I do, too.  I would go to school there myself if they accepted my people my age as students. We’ve already ushered one cold in and out, and Savanna began taking gymnastics at a stellar gymnastics center.  Apparently, they thought she was pretty stellar, too. Continue reading “I’m Back….” »

Breakfast On The Move

So those of you who know me know that I am moving yesterday, today, and over the weekend.  Our house is boxed up, and last night I began to hear that empty echo that happens when you begin to move everything out of a home.  I hate that sound, and whenever I begin to hear it, I know that it’s time to leave.

This morning, I woke up early and tried to make toast-except our toaster was packed!  Naturally, I used the oven.   Continue reading “Breakfast On The Move” »

Savanna’s Dancy Dance

Here is what I live with in my home.  I prepare a nice dinner of take out pizza, and all my family can do is dance and go all “Saturday Night Fever” on me at the dinner table.  Thanks, family. Continue reading “Savanna’s Dancy Dance” »