Top 10 Tips for Losing Pregnancy Weight

Losing weight after pregnancy or miscarriage can be extremely tough.  In my own experience, losing weight after miscarriage has been much harder than it was after pregnancy.  No matter what I did, how consistent I was, or how hard I tried, I could not lose the last 6 pounds after miscarriage. I’ve come to the conclusion that this has a lot to do with excess estrogen.

Your liver is responsible for metabolizing estrogen, and it can’t do this job it’s busy getting rid of other crap we put into our bodies.  Therefore, the excess estrogen in your system after pregnancy or miscarriage continues to float around and make fat loss virtually impossible. Once I made a few simple, yet powerful adjustments to my lifestyle, the weight finally came off.  These changes had nothing to do with exercise or caloric deficit and everything to do with helping my body do some estrogen detox.

Here are a few less well known tips for losing weight after miscarriage  and pregnancy that can help lower your estrogen levels and make your efforts more effective.

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The Dirty Dozen: 12 Foods You Should Always Buy Organic

The Environmental Working Group put together the “dirty dozen” list of fruits and vegetables that carry higher levels of pesticide residue.  These are the produce items that you should always buy organic, especially if you have children at home.  Pesticides are just one type of obesogen, or chemical that mimic estrogen within the body and disrupt our endocrine system.  Obesogens trick the body into storing more fat, slowing down metabolism, and turning on the hunger signals more often.  This basically means that you could eat as “healthy” as possible, exercise like a champ, and still have trouble losing weight.  

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