How to Build Your Child’s Self Esteem

If you grew up listening to Madonna, you were probably raised during the era of “self esteem.”  Self esteem became a buzz word back in the 80s when our parents were encouraged to build our self esteems with positive praise.  Given the fact that adults thrive on positive praise, this approach makes sense…..and so many of us listened to positive praise, deserved or not, as we stood on the soccer fields or basketball courts.  Our parents, coaches, and teachers cheered for us whether or not we really deserved it, we “won” a ribbon regardless of victory, and most kids made the team regardless of skill……all in the name of self esteem. Continue reading “How to Build Your Child’s Self Esteem” »


Whenever I visit Disney World, I always find myself wondering why so many parents look pissed off mid-day.  It never fails that I see several Pissy Parents shortly after our arrival.  I think to myself, ‘what is that about???  how could anyone look so annoyed in Disney World?’  Last week, I figured it out.

Conversation with husband on first day of trip: Continue reading “Expectations” »