Exercise, Learning, and School

How often do your kids get significant exercise?  We all know that exercise is good for physical health, but did you know that physical exercise also builds the brain?  No matter how old you are, you can always build new brain cells with exercise.  For moms who grew up learning that it was all downhill after 20 because “brain cells start to die around the age of 21,” this is exciting news.  Not only was this false, it was kind of depressing to hear at school! Continue reading “Exercise, Learning, and School” »

Chronic Stress and Your Brain: How to Reverse Negative Effects

What kinds of things stress you out these days?  Bills?  Work?  Family?  We know that chronic stress puts serious wear and tear on our bodies over time, but research is now showing us what chronic stress does to the brain.  This is worth reading because it may explain some of the “brain farts” we all tend to have when feeling stressed out.

Continue reading “Chronic Stress and Your Brain: How to Reverse Negative Effects” »

How You Can Live Longer

I love it when a “new study” repackages and republishes old information.  This just in:  four behaviors are correlated with longevity.  The behaviors studied happen to be physical exercise, nutrition, alcohol use, and tobacco use.

This is old news.  There’s such a stockpile of research on the topic already that we now know that 85% of our longevity is tied to our lifestyle behaviors.  Your choices usually determine whether or not you’ll live to see your great grandchildren, not necessarily your genes.  The operate word here is choices. Continue reading “How You Can Live Longer” »

The Two Best IQ Boosters for Kids

New research is showing us fascinating information about the brain.  We are now learning that we can form new brain cells at nearly any age with physical exercise, and that there are two activities that can significantly boost learning capacity by spawning new brain cells:  exercise and music.    Continue reading “The Two Best IQ Boosters for Kids” »