What Are Your Hidden Food Allergies?

Do you have a problem losing weight, frequent headaches, or other chronic problems like eczema?  Perhaps you have hidden food allergies that are causing these problems.  Did you know that you probably have hidden food allergies that cause inflammation? Most of us do.

Inflammation is caused by lifestyle factors like nicotine, poor nutrition, chronic stress, and sedentary lifestyle.  Inflammation is the root cause of degenerative disease and aging.  Your hidden food allergies cause inflammation, tax your immune system, and use your reservoir of stem cells.  Thus, it makes sense to learn about your food allergies and avoid those foods if you’d like to live well for a long time. Continue reading “What Are Your Hidden Food Allergies?” »

Exercise, Learning, and School

How often do your kids get significant exercise?  We all know that exercise is good for physical health, but did you know that physical exercise also builds the brain?  No matter how old you are, you can always build new brain cells with exercise.  For moms who grew up learning that it was all downhill after 20 because “brain cells start to die around the age of 21,” this is exciting news.  Not only was this false, it was kind of depressing to hear at school! Continue reading “Exercise, Learning, and School” »

Stress, Anxiety, and Health: The Best Technique for Stress Relief

What do you do for stress relief?  How do you “fill your cup” before pouring it back out for everyone else all day?  My personal favorites are running, intense exercise, reading, music, laughing, beach, boating, taking photos, being outdoors, and talking to friends.  The “little things” that bring me big joy are Starbucks lattes, a great song, a nap, or a beautiful blue sky day in the spring or fall.  I may or may not use retail therapy on occasion…..   Continue reading “Stress, Anxiety, and Health: The Best Technique for Stress Relief” »

Stress and Cancer

I have long believed that chronic stress should be considered a pre-disease state, but we are beginning to learn more about how this happens.  One good example is a recent study which looked at stress and cancer. Continue reading “Stress and Cancer” »

How You Can Live Longer

I love it when a “new study” repackages and republishes old information.  This just in:  four behaviors are correlated with longevity.  The behaviors studied happen to be physical exercise, nutrition, alcohol use, and tobacco use.

This is old news.  There’s such a stockpile of research on the topic already that we now know that 85% of our longevity is tied to our lifestyle behaviors.  Your choices usually determine whether or not you’ll live to see your great grandchildren, not necessarily your genes.  The operate word here is choices. Continue reading “How You Can Live Longer” »