The Health Benefits of Stevia and Xylitol

Do you use stevia or xylitol?  I hope so because both of these sweeteners have some pretty neat health benefits.  Besides, they make life a little sweeter.


Stevia is all over the place these days, so you won’t have any trouble finding it.  It tastes great and even has some major health benefits.  Stevia can help control blood sugar AND insulin levels.  This is exciting news since both are closely connected to health and longevity.  In fact, controlling your blood sugar and insulin levels after meals is a powerful way to reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease, cancer, and a few other age related disease processes.  In a recent study on subjects diagnosed with diabetes Type II, stevioside reduced after-meal blood glucose levels by 18%.  That’s powerful stuff.  To think that you can decrease your chances for any of these disease processes while possibly improving your health and longevity by using stevia is pretty sweet.
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Calling All Diet Coke Addicts

Do you know anyone who drinks ALOT of Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi?  I’ve had several friends who could drink 5-10 a day, and my mom just loved them so much that she often put the can in the freezer to make them icy cold. We occasionally ended up with brown ice when she forgot about the can, causing it to burst in the ice box.

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