How to Use Vitamin C to Stay Well | Halloween Tricks with Ascorbic Acid

The worst holiday of the year Halloween is over!  Welcome to one of the busiest weeks of the year at the pediatrician’s office.  Thanks to the massive sugar overload and sheer exhaustion of Halloween on a school night, many kids are wrecked.  Sugar does nasty things to our immune system.  None of us can argue with that.  The more your child eats, the worse the impact, and the more likely to pick up whatever kiddie crud is floating around these days.  Even THE Dr. Sears references the week after Halloween as “one of the busiest week at the pediatrician’s office all year.”

I love parts of Halloween, I really do.  It’s a great reason to throw a party, and dressing up can be a blast.  Yours truly hit a record of 3 different costumes this year, while Savanna had 4.  We celebrated hard!  No regrets.  halloween-2016

The question is this:  how can you celebrate Halloween and stay healthy?

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Your Monster-in-Laws | Dysfunction Junction

One of my favorite movies is Meet the Fockers.  It just doesn’t get much funnier, and I am obviously not alone in that opinion.  I think the wide appeal of that movie has to do with the fact that in-law tensions are so common.  Whether it be cultural differences, financial strings, boundary problems, or disapproval of the relationship entirely, most couples experience some tension with in-laws at some point.

If you feel like Greg Focker, this could be your lucky day.  A&E is currently looking for couples who would like to ease the tension with their in-laws for a new documentary series.  The program will focus on helping the couple address the problematic relationship with the help of a professional counselor.  It will take one week to shoot the program, and families who are chosen for this show will be compensated $10,000.  If you are one of those people who doesn’t mind spilling the beans on cable television in effort to 1) settle the problems with those Fockers once and for all and 2) help others with similar problems do the same, perhaps you could be a good fit for the show.

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Vitamin C Powerfoods for Cold and Flu Season

School has started, and along with it comes “cold and flu season.”  You don’t have to catch the kiddie crap that circulates around school environments, though-you can use certain natural supplements to boost your immune system instead.  Besides, who wants to be on 45 rounds of antibiotics during the winter?  Wouldn’t it be better not to catch viruses in the first place? Continue reading “Vitamin C Powerfoods for Cold and Flu Season” »