13 Reasons to Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

Whenever we go out to dinner, I can’t help but notice that the sweetener packets still consist of all three colors:  pink, blue, yellow. Here are my top 13 reasons you should avoid all of them.

1. Aspartame (Nutrasweet) can deplete your serotonin levels via phenylalanine, an amino acid. Serotonin helps you stay happy and satiated and when depleted, we feel anxious, irritable, sad, and sleepless.  We also tend to crave carbohydrates.   Unless you want to feel pissed off and fat at the same time, avoid aspartame. Continue reading “13 Reasons to Avoid Artificial Sweeteners” »

How to See Jesus on the Treadmill

Do you ever run on the treadmill?  I do-treadmill running saved my sore knees after years of pounding on the asphalt.  I have enjoyed running since college, and I’ve written about the neurochemical effects of running here.  Despite the benefits associated with running, too much can increase cortisol levels, and treadmill running can get pretty boring.

Here is a grueling treadmill workout that will spice up your routine, compliments of Bryan Francis at StupidGymShit.com. This is a very short, time effective workout that that will burn some serious fat without causing the usual cortisol squirt associated with distance running.  Find this workout here and enjoy.  Just be prepared to see Jesus around the 3rd interval. Continue reading “How to See Jesus on the Treadmill” »