What Would Happen If You Always Told the Truth?

What would happen if we always told the whole truth and nothing but the truth?  No white lies,  not even omissions of the truth?   It’s been estimated that we all tell an average of something like 40 white lies a day (and then we put our kids in time-out for “telling a story”).  Marketing and advertising isn’t all that different, is it?

I mean, the Energizer does NOT keep going and going and going, and a diamond is NOT “always forever.”  If VISA were always “everywhere” I wanted it to be, then I wouldn’t have to pay cash for my favorite pizza at a local joint here.

Wheaties is certainly not the “Breakfast of Champions,” since their box cover models have included people like Barry Bonds (what a steroid head) and Lance Armstrong (SUCH a gigolo).  Who’s next, Brett Favre?  Hey, maybe he could just save the Wheaties gang some time and text a photo of his penis instead.  And if M&Ms really “melts in your mouth, not in your hands,” then why did I end up with pink and blue shit all over my white linen pants last Easter?   Continue reading “What Would Happen If You Always Told the Truth?” »